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Cristian Hernández Pérez

Chef ● Craft Beer & Cinema Enthusiastic ● Perpetual Wanderer

Every one of us is at a constant search for individuality & identity… I am the product of immigrant parents trying to search for a better life; I was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Mexico until the age of 16, at this age I realized that I needed to move to the States to pursue a career in culinary arts. That decision I made has led me to live life out of a backpack, finding myself in airports, kitchens, and pubs around the world.

Cada uno de nosotros estamos en una busqueda constante por encontrar nuestra identidad e individualidad… En mi caso me considero el producto de padres inmigrantes en busca de una vida mejor; Nací en Los Ángeles, California, crecí en México hasta los 16 años, a está edad entendí que necesitaba regresar a los Estados Unidos para estudiar Gastronomía, después de completar mis estudios cada decisión que e tomado me ha llevado a vivir como mochilero de aeropuerto en aeropuerto, trabajando y explorando el mundo.

Marcela Díaz-Ordorica


Author of her own blog, Marcela has always had the tremendous gift of wisdom, the kind of gift to make you realize that you are not alone; it doesn’t matter tragedy, love or regret that you are feeling, her raw and powerful way of writing makes you realize that you are not the only one, that it’s ok to be perpetually flawed… Marcela has always taught me that imperfections are the most beautiful thing of a human being, in fact a flawless person has never lived, loved or lost anything of value.

Chaucer’s perpetual student.

– Cristian Hernandez

José Alfredo González


A true prodigy that could always use a censorship beep… But who definitely doesn’t need one of those. Currently working on his Master’s degree in Theology, every time I call him up with another crazy idea, he drops homework and projects to edit and contribute on our latest epic endeavor.

– Cristian Hernandez

Annamaria Ortiz


You don’t quite get to know somebody until you take a trip together, that’s how I was lucky enough to meet Anna at about 6,000 miles from home; traveling teaches you how to relay on someone else and how to survive a terrible cough or a glow stick on your eye, since then we have taken a road trip to the grand canyon and a tour in Europe; I have known her for five years, but it feels like 50 years of friendship on the road.

Author of Jesus & Strawberry Jelly

Alfonso Esperón

Logo design

Graphic Designer – From Puebla, México