25 years

A few days ago I was sitting in a small van going back to my hotel from a day trip visiting some amazing locations. I had eaten entirely too much wonderful food, seen some amazing cathedrals and paintings, and had been to key places that have changed the course of history.

Someone pointed out a rainbow that was forming in the sky and everyone started taking pictures. Believe me, I understand. I take a lot of pictures myself, but not of everything. I realized at that moment that I am very selective of what I share, especially while traveling. I post one or two pictures of some amazing landmark, maybe some food and drinks… I then share pictures of my travels with a selective few that would understand the context and real meaning of the snapshot, but I save moments like the rainbow or the look on someone’s eyes, the thing that could be a perfect picture are the ones that I do not dare to capture. I am a selfish individual and I know it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A really good friend of mine that travels like a maniac as well pointed out to me that I will never get enough attention with a blog anymore, that I should move towards YouTube, while he is completely right, I refuse! At least at this point, believe me, I do want to and I have already considered doing videos, but I’m not ready to surrender control over a camera, not yet, at least… for now it is all about me, it’s about enjoying foreign food and culture without trying to get the best shot or lighting or sound, etc.

I am HAPPY, a lot of people keep on asking what I’m doing, what are my goals and some of them tend to be very happy for me but others, I do know reserve to themselves a feeling of disapproval towards “my ways” towards the never-ending feeling of discovery and the fact that I haven’t bought into the whole thing of a “normal” life. To be still, to start checking off of a list, to live like life is some sort of a groceries run.

Very few people have asked me if I am happy, and in case you were wondering, I am over the moon! Today is my 25th birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more. In fact, I never have. I asked a lot from life when I was a little kid, but never this much. I remember being always in my head, imagining and contemplating anything and everything,

I remember setting goals, I knew what I wanted, and in some moments of doubt I was lost beyond belief, but I never imagined that I would be achieving so much personally by the time that I was 25 years old. It might not be much for you or someone else… there are way too many amazing people even younger than myself today who have made a palpable change in this world.

However, I am thankful for these twenty five years, for my family, for the way that I was raised and the empowerment that my parents, brothers, and friends have given me. I am thankful at the fact that at my age the world does not look as big as it did when I was a kid.

I literally believe that even if today was my last, I have already done entirely way too much. I only have one problem, I need to start dreaming even bigger and brighter, and if you have ever dreamed and have been disappointed, you know how hard is to gather the courage to dream again, but the beauty of this life is that through errors and disappointments we learn.

I only hope that I keep being as I am right now, fearless against failure. I hope to see the world entirely, and why not think of seeing the moon or even Mars! The sky is not the limit, for no limits exist for those who dare to dream!

After 25 years, 88 airplane flights, and having been able to meet some incredible human beings, I need to beg you something…


I BEG you!

-Cristian Hernández Pérez


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