Travel Romanticism 🌎💙

The older I get and as my travel itinerary grows each year, I realize that in order to fall in love with such beautiful cities you have to put yourself thorough dangerous situations. And I’m not talking about being irrational and putting yourself in obvious dangerous positions; I mean romanticism in the kind of tragic love stories that we have read, seen, and lived. I can not say how my life will end, if I will be killed in a robbery, run over at any given street in the world or come crashing down in an airplane on my way to any city that I wish to visit. I realized every time I find myself looking out the window of an airplane, metro, or a train that I have accepted my fate. That in order to fall in love and marry the lifestyle of a traveler, you have to accept the fact that your life might end in a tragic way.

Cristian Hernandez

16 August 2016

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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