“I” or “WE”?

I had a friend…

I met Marcela probably 8 years ago, at first I didn’t understand why she was so shy, and multiple times I went around trying to “fix” her, as if she needed to be fixed.

I had a partner in crime…

We spent entirely way too much time together, and what’s funny about paying attention to someone, is that you start picking up everything you like from their personality.

I had a source of knowledge…

I always thought I was right, I mean I still think I am, but the fact is that I, just typed the word “I” twelve times, make that Thirteen,

so I know nothing.

I had a tremendous amount of encouragement…

Friends are those who when they leave you they have cultivated so much in your soul that they have become a part of you.

I had a friend… she is not my friend anymore, I don’t talk to her as often as I did, WE leave in different cities, and our interests have changed, nothing will ever be like it was.

However that’s good, the fact that she is not my friend anymore… because, she is a part of me now.

She became a part of who I am, and I only hope I had enough time to cultivate enough on her soul.

Every time that I ask myself how have I been able to accomplish all of this I realize that it has not been me, it has been a collective effort of people that from the start who believed in me.

The next time you look at your life and it feels like everything is going right don’t say “I” did it, remember that WE in isolation are no one, it is when WE decide at least for a split second to listen, and to tell our arrogant self to silence and listen to the words of wisdom.

To that friend I once knew, source of knowledge, encouragement, and infinite wisdom, WE do not need to be friends anymore, you have cultivated me enough to last more than a thousand lifetimes.


To: Marcela Díaz-Ordorica

From: Cristian Hernández Pérez

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