Airport living

Everyone loves to travel Do we though? Is it the exhilarating feeling of getting away? Does the destination matter? Are we just running away from our daily routine? In light of recent allegations of a blog that I really like and whose opinion I respect, I decided to fire back. Let me make it clear,…

Chicken & Waffles

I remember every Maui Sunday, it was a routine in order to keep some kind of sanity, working on a cruise ship is not easy and a couple of rituals have to be invented in order to fool yourself into thinking you are normal, although there is nothing normal about sleeping three meters underwater at…

25 years

After 25 years, 88 airplane flights and having been able to meet some incredible human beings I need to beg you something!

Traveling makes us HUMAN

“Take a different path, Learn a new language, Choose a risky career, More than anything save a lot of pennies and travel, it will teach you a lot of things about yourself, but more than anything it will make you more Human…” Cristian Hernández Pérez Oct 2, 2016 Miami International Airport Finish line after a…

this one’s for you

Half of the time we go about our lives not really knowing how much do we cultivate on others! Thank you Jose, I hope I have done as much as you have for me! It has been a great friendship, and I’m hoping for many years to come!